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How to Use GeoDirectory Snippet Variables in Yoast? - GeoDirectory Docs.
GeoDirectory variables, the complete list, can be found in your site on the Titles Metas settings page. To render GeoDirectory variable in Yoast meta, add an additional underscore _ prefix for the variable. Examples: _in_location or _in_location_country. Yoast SEO Global Settings. To manage the meta data for GeoDirectory content types using Yoast SEO plugin, you will need to go to the Yoast settings section, located at.: SEO Search Appearance Content Types. Each GeoDirectory Custom Post Type will be listed with a meta box allowing you to fill in settings.
Custom Fields in Yoast SEO Page Titles - MBurnette.
Hopefully you see the dilemma we have. Thankfully, Yoast SEO has some built in features that help us accomplish the task at hand! While its not immediately obvious from within the WordPress interface, the documentation gives us exactly what we need - a list of variables we can use to inject a custom field pattern into our post type page titles!
All in One SEO Pack Review: A Great Yoast SEO Alternative - Create and Code.
Like Yoast SEO, you can use variables to dynamically insert information following a certain formula.: Yoast SEOs variable list might be a little lengthier, but I think All in One SEO Pack has all the important ones. Plus like, Yoast SEO, you can integrate with something like Advanced Custom Fields to display custom fields as variables in your titles.
How to add custom fields to Yoast SEO meta tags - Wilcity DocumentationWilcity Documentation.
add_action wpseo_register_extra_replacements, function wpseo_register_var_replacement %%my_var%%, my_callback_function, advanced, 'Some' help text'.' The hook wpseo_register_extra_replacements is used to register a custom variable replacements template variables. Inside the callback function, we use Yoast SEOs function wpseo_register_var_replacement function to register a new variable. This function has 4 parameters.: Variable name: The name of the variable to replace, i.e.' '' var' ', the surrounding are optional, name can only contain A-Za-z0-9_-. Note that your variable cannot start with cf_ or ct_ as theyre used by Yoast SEO for custom fields and custom taxonomies. Callback function: Callback function to retrieve the replacement value for the variable. Type of variable: '' basic or advanced, defaults to advanced' '. Help text: Help text to be added to the help tab for this variable. Here is the callback function to retrieve the replacement value for the variable.: function my_callback_function $value mysetting' Get my setting return $value; Here are some examples for you.: Customizing Primary Listing Category on Single Listing Title Meta.
How to make a directory SEO friendly with Yoast Business Directory.
You should leave the settings here as they are unless you don't' want the directory listings to be indexed by the search engines individually. Yoast has recommendations about this if you need further clarification. SEO Title Settings. Second, you have the SEO title settings. Here, you use the insert variable button to insert whatever variables you'd' like to insert.
Yoast SEO titles with custom fields from Events Calendar -.
November 24, 2017 at 12:08: am 1390407. Im adding them in the SEO title settings Yoast SEO - Titles Metas - Post Types - Venues. I added two screenshots of where I want to add it and a list of the variables from YoastSEO.
WooCommerce and YOAST SEO plugin: Title and Meta Templates.
I do hope someone can have this tutorial for me to follow. Example to have SEO Title Template for you product subcategory page subcategory category parent category site name - register 3 new variable - ct_subproduct_cat, ct_product_cat, ct_parent_product_cat. This is very useful. Sorry my English. August 21, 2014. Yoast SEO also sell a specific SEO plugin extension for Woocommerce, so thats probably what happened there! I will do some more research and see if they left anything available for free. August 25, 2014. New variable parent_title offered from yoast seo pluign. Will testing for parent category title. August 26, 2014. Thanks for that. August 26, 2014. Updated new version today, plugin added another user_description too. Leave your Comment Now! If you are writing code, please wrap it between shortcodes: php code_here /php.
Add a variable SEO title to you WordPress website Trivali.
Neem contact op. WordPress Woocommerce Yoast: add a custom variable to the SEO title. SEO, Wordpress Snippets. 23 mei 2015. Deel deze pagina. A customer asked me to add the price of the viewed product to the page title, so it could be displayed in Google like this notice the price in the blue title.: The default list of variables http://docs.mainwp.com/available-wordpress-seo-yoast-variables: did not suffice, as there is no link with Woocommerce.
Yoast SEO 7.1: Installation and SetUp in WordPress with Video - LearnWoo.
You can choose if an author archive appears in search results. Setting Template Title and Meta Description for archive pages and posts. What did Hansel do while he and Gretel were in the woods? Yes, he dropped pieces of bread so that they could find their way back home. The concept of tracking your present locations and getting back to the home page is, therefore termed Breadcrumbs. For instance, to reach to the breadcrumbs settings page you need to follow: WordPress Dashboard SEO Search Apperance Breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs Settings Yoast SEO 7.1. Once you enable Breadcrumbs, Google will show the entire path of the particular post, page, any form or the product. But for its successful implementation, you are required to have a structured data. You can add a default content that will appear in your RSS feed here. You also get an option to add a content to appear at the end of each post. In addition to this, you get few helpful variables that you can add to the RSS feed settings. RSS Settings Yoast SEO 7.1 Search Console.
Definitive Guide On How To Use Yoast SEO Plugin For WordPress 2022.
By completing the Accounts part, your social profiles will be linked to your site for all search engines. Now, go through each social tab separately and add the specifics on how and what you want to appear on that platform when your site is shared. In the Facebook tab for example, you can also enable Open Graph meta data to your site which will control what type of text and image is used when one of your pages or posts is shared on Facebook. Do upload a default Image for pages and posts which do not include a featured one. Similar settings go for your Twitter, Pinterest and Google accounts. What is great about the Yoast SEO plugin, is that it guides you through the process and always provides an extra description for the tabs/features that sound unfamiliar. An XML sitemap is a type of document that helps Google and other search engines better understand your site, your urls, pages and everything that needs to be indexed. Yoast makes this part a lot easier for you, it automatically generates and updates your sitemap whenever you add new content to your site and informs Google about it.
Yoast WordPress SEO Tutorial Settings.
The import/export tools allow you import/export your actual Yoast SEO settings which is great for adding to another site. Here you can import from 3 of the other SEO plugins, HeadSpace2, Woo Themes SEO and All-in-One SEO and also import from other Yoast Plugins - Robots/RSS and Breadcrumbs - once you have imported just delete the older plugins. A great feature here is the export settings which can save a lot of time in setting up another installation, which on the new site you just import which is a huge time save for all the variables set up at a global level. Bulk Title and Description Editor. Here you can bulk edit the title and descriptions of your posts/pages. This is handy - straight access to your htaccess file, also if you have a robots.txt in your root level this will also be editable in this screen. Here you can buy and manage some additional premium SEO extensions. If you have authenticated to Googles Search Console you can see and mark as fixed any 4o4 pages.

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